The Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History is a publication of the Undergraduate History Council at Columbia University. We review student submissions from history departments across the United States and internationally, and then select the most exemplary among them to be published in the Journal.

We will be publishing the next edition of the Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History early in Spring 2017. All students who submitted papers by our December deadline have been notified.

Selected Papers -- Spring 2011

The editors of the Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History are pleased to announce that the following papers have been selected for inclusion in our Spring 2011 edition. Congratulations and many thanks to all nominated authors!

"An Ally in Slaying Five Giants: William Beveridge, his Historic Report, and the Age of Anglo-American Social Liberalism, 1930-1945"

Alex Barnett, Berkeley '10

"The Right's Battering Ram: Accuracy in Media, the Republican Party, and the Liberal Media, 1969-1988"

Miriam Kaplan, University of Virginia '11

"Europe and the American Future: Edward Dorr Griffin's 'Journal of Tour of Europe in the Years 1828, 1829, and 1830'"

Jared Rosenfeld, Columbia '12

"The Foul Winds of War: Fallout, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963"

David Tidmarsh, Yale '12